Mosquito & No-See-Um Misting

Aniks automatic mosquito & No-see-um misting systems kill and repeal mosquitoes, no-see-um's, spiders, gnats, wasps, flies, lake midges/blind mosquitoes and many more.
These systems can be installed in existing structures or build into new structures and are perfect for residential, Restaurants, barns and commercial structures.

Aniks manufactures our own system using high quality mosquito misting nozzles, these nozzles have been serving the industry for 30 years. Our pump and motor are designed to power up to 150 nozzles.

The original screen enclosure alternative that works! The Aniks system targets the insects were they live and breed, thereby eliminating thier habitat within your yard.

No Screen
Enclosure Required so there is nothing to block the view that you paid for.

Aniks uses a natural botanical based product in our misting systems.

Price Match Guarantee
We will match any local competitors installed price, based on like products and installation.
Aniks can service and repair competitor systems.

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