Outdoor Cooling Systems

Aniks Outdoor Comfort Solutions cooling systems are not a traditional misting system!
Aniks manufactures These systems and they are Designed and engineered for Florida's humidity.This exclusive system combined with 1000psi of flow helps ensure complete evaporation so nothing get wet! Flash evaporation of fine mist allows for a 15 to 20 degree drop in Temperature.

We use quiet high performance-heavy duty Cat Pumps.
Our Fan based system
is available in 14", 18", 24" Black or white in color with customer color options available.

Our portal based system
has a unique air delivery system with a aesthetically pleasing clean recessed installation. These systems can be installed pre-construction or "Box designed available for post construction.

Mist lines mounted to existing structures or stainless steel tubing under stucco, brick or any exterior finish for a clean look.

Portable Cooling for outdoor events, parties or when you can not have a mounted system. Available in 24",30" and 36" w/Oscillating head.

Multi-zone Technology allow you to operate up to four zones independently in any combination or all at once.

These Mist systems are perfect for Restaurant outdoor dinning area's, Residential Lanai's and outdoor patio's, Horse Barns and Stables, Commercial Warehouses, Resorts, Amusement Parks and Construction.

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