Outdoor Patio Heaters

Aniks Outdoor Comfort Solutions has outdoor patio heaters in Gas, LP and electric, Portable, post mount, hanging, wall mount we have the solution to your heat needs .
Potable Heaters for your outdoor patios in many shapes and sizes and Btu's from 34,000 to 47,000. Commercial grade with up to 5 year warranty.
Post Mounted Heaters with dual temperature setting available.
Tube heaters deliver long, even heat to larger outdoor living spaces while maintaining a sleek appearance. These heaters come in both single and dual stage units with BTU'S ranging from 30,000 to 100,000.
High Intensity two stage heaters come in wall, ceiling and post mounting.
Electric Heaters OCH and MTM-electric 1,2 and 3 lamp inferred heaters, some of our heaters can be recessed, BTU'S from 5,120 to 37,372. Variable heat controller available, these heater are commercial grade.
Tube Heaters
Bromic Electric Heaters
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